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It is great to be up and running! Please give us feedback?

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  • commented 2016-02-11 12:41:04 -0500

    Manning’s has released to us some of her budgets. Manning’s has assured that other parts of the ‘over-arching budget’ shall be shared. Manning’s is doing her part!

    It is now for us to do our part by funding the deficits.

    For detailed sharing – Please visit –

    On drawing your checks to:
    MSPA-South Florida Chapter

    and writing in the ‘Memo’/‘For’:

    Please mail your contributions to:
    Delroy Wallace – Chairman, Fundraising
    MSPA-S.FL Chapter
    P.O. Box 25502, Florida 33320
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    The website has once again brought to light Manning’s and her supporters failure to connect on different fronts.

    Let us face facts;
    - the Alumni Associations and Groups are struggling to provide needed meaningful assistance;

    - there is reluctance on the part of the individual supporter, alumnus or alumna, to ‘go all in’ on support;

    - Manning’s keeps her supporters at a distance.

    I left Manning’s in 1962.
    The then principal made me to understand that he wished for Manning’s improvement of the physical plant and the grounds and that he also wished more involvement in activities related – academic education and sports. As he told it then he pined for more involvement of the Manning’s Community and a plugging of the Manning’s budget deficit.

    Well it is now 2015 and the present administration is making the same plaintive cry.

    Alumni Associations have been formed and some have been up and running for more than 20 years…and the same weeping and wailing on Manning’s plight goes on.

    There are two things that “jump out” at the dispassionate observer:
    - Those who know the budget deficit hide the information.
    (sotto voce = It is crazy reason to believe help can arrive when no knows what is needed!!!)
    If Manning’s can be likened to a State, then knowledge of and on Manning’s Budget Deficit is a State secret. One would laugh at the folly of hiding that information if it were not “a drag” on Manning’s and a disservice to her and her students. It is actually a disgraceful state of affairs that the hiding of that very important piece of information has now become a part of the Manning’s culture.

    How can the Manning’s Community be mobilized to assist if there is ignorance on what is being mobilized on or around? What do you say to a “Carmen” or any potential donor, when asked, where and on what do you wish me to donate my hard earned cash? What target are you trying to attain? And if “Carmen” has given repeatedly in the past, what do you tell when she questions in the context of her repeated ‘gifting’: I see no sustained outcomes, why should I give again (if the outcomes will be the same)?

    When the donor responds with an incredulous, you have not knowledge on funds needed? …and do not know how any funds collected will be spent but you wish me to ‘close my eyes’ and give? The fundraisers’ sheepish ‘fool look’ response or a ‘nonsense bluster’ does not cut it. There are no fools on this earth. Each person makes a number of mistakes each day, but there are no fools. The ‘sheepish’ expression or the ‘nonsense bluster’ causes thinking on; ‘Yuh tek mi fi fool’…or…the potential sponsor viewing the person making the ‘pitch’ for donor dollars as not just a foolish person but an extremely foolish person. The potential donor’s reaction is, disgust!

    So that, the above, is one side of the coin.

    The second is, action or inaction on the part of the faithful Manning’s supporter. There has been no concerted effort to change the ‘old ways’ that need changing. Involvement in ‘things Manning’s’ is not at the desired level. He or she goes to the socials, cheers at and for student achievements, makes gifts of funds and kind all with a ‘feeling’ of, I could do more, the Manning’s community could do more, but just drifting along with ‘things as they are’.

    Individual potential supporter is reluctant to ‘go all in’ because the leaders of the Alumni Associations and Groups do not work at pulling together. Each group during past decades is so afraid of its shadow that it hides in its tiny little enclave. It basks in sending token gifts that each group knows has supplied only Band-Aid like impact. So protective is each group of its ineffective works that it has never dreamt of reaching out to the others and each and every potential supporter of Manning’s with aim of “MOVING MOUNTAINS ON MANNING’S SCHOOL BEHALF”.

    Would it be a step in the right direction to ‘see things as they are’? What we have been doing over past decades has MANNING’S where she is? In great need! Yes! The results of our past efforts say: We must change because more is needed! The results must greatly increase positive outcome.

    I think someone, somewhere…once said, “Doing the same thing, repeatedly and expecting a different outcome is….”????

    Do we wish to do for Manning’s?
    Do we wish to be a part of a GREAT CHANGE MOVEMENT?

    I think it would be a step forward if each of us took the decision to ‘kick over the traces’, refuse to just drift along, change things by ‘doing’.

    - Demand the school administrators be more transparent on needs! Let us know where the shortages lie! Let us know the total budgeted deficits! Give us a funding target! Let us know what it would take to plug that budget deficit! Give us a chance to put our minds to solving that problem! Promises on time-table to accomplish such cannot be given. Hell!…we have not a clue on what is to be attempted. Taking the first step cannot be done if there is no idea of direction.

    Each of us must start doing the little things, immediately!
    Here is a list of a few of the little things that immediately come to mind:
    - Find all your Manning’s classmates and schoolmates and ‘preach’ the need to come together and pull together.

    - Tell your alumni group administrators to either work on unity across the entire Manning’s community or leave the Alumni group’s administration they currently lead so that those who understand the wisdom of ‘strength in unity’ take the leadership positions.

    - Become a member of an Alumni Association or group.

    - Register on this website (use its tools to find other classmates, schoolmates and other members of the Manning’s Community).

    - Use your social media outreach to quickly and easily reach vast numbers of members of the Manning’s Community and inform on “Things Manning’s”. Link your social media accounts to this website.

    NB: Easy to link. Just ‘click’ your ‘likes’ and a dialog box shall appear through which you can “log-in” your account and have your ‘like’ recorded.

    Let us immediately start the change for “good for Manning’s”!
    Let us come together for Manning’s.
    Let us do the small thing of supporting each other and it shall mushroom into supporting MANNING’S in tremendous ways.
    Forward for MANNING’S!!!

    What are you thinking, now?
    Let us all see your comments below?

    Love my Manning’s!!!

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