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    A very worthy annual event instituted by the Kingston Chapter of the Manning’s Past Students Association. The Kingston Chapter is to be commended for the initiative and work put into this most necessary recognition of outstanding alumni and the bestowing of the JUSTICE JAMES S. KERR AWARD FOR SERVICE EXCELLENCE. All past students of Manning’s are proud of the Kingston Chapter’s work on ensuring the annual celebration of the contributions of our fellow alumni sisters and brothers.

    May I encourage all to make note of and when possible attend this annual event. For the many who reside outside of our Jamaica if you are visiting at the time of the AWARD FUNCTION please make time in your busy schedule to attend.
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    Joan: I thoroughly enjoyed your article. It was so engaging that I read it a number of times. The various points, suggestions and your personal experiences touched a nerve.

    I sent it to all my kids, who I encouraged to discuss with their kids sufficiently mature to seriously think on the points raised. I also shared it with other family members and friends. By any measure the feedback so far spoke to the effectiveness and educational value of the article.

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Your Manning's School - What do you wish?

    For many of us it was home for some time.

    Please do not comment on the curriculum, methods of teaching and administration of the school.   

    If each of us could, what would be your wish for change or improvement?  

    Please list your top 1 through 5 wishes? (You could, for example, list 1 or 2 wishes but please do not list more than 5? It is expected that wishes could be duplicated)


    Official response from submitted

    1. Full funding of the school's budget

    2. Modernization of the school's physical plant - buildings

    3. Development of the school's grounds inclusive of play-field and sports areas

    4. Wiring of all classrooms - internet, electronic school whiteboard, etc.

    5. Continuous supply of adequate electricity 

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    The Manning's Head Boy - How to forge a bridge

    The Manning's Head Boy, Larey Graham - How to forge a bridge!


    Larey Graham 


    The Head Boy of Manning’s visited the Manning’s Past Students’ Association, South Florida Chapter’s Facebook account and put his mind to thinking on the role the Manning’s Past Students could play in enhancing the Manning’s experience. 

    The Head Boy, who is also 1st Vice-President Manning's School SPIRIT COMMITTEE, shared his thoughts with past students Messrs. Victor Lowe and Roger Walcott.  


    Please follow the Head Boy, young Mr. Larey Graham’s, instant expressed thought process as we present his own words.


    We look forward to reading your comments on the Head Boys’ suggestions. Your stated endorsements and or other suggestions are welcome.




    From: Larey Graham <larey_g@outlook.com>
    June 19, 2015 at 6:03:14 PM EDT
    To: Victor A Lowe <
    viclowe@aol.com>, Roger Walcott <stripes46@hotmail.com>
    Subject:Manning's School


    I saw a post that was made by Mr. Victor Lowe - Where are they now? It had me thinking.

     I have just realized an idea to usher present Manning’s School students into the Associations when they leave. This could also ensure growth in membership of the various associations.

    When I see the names of Manning’s Past Students I am thrilled, because I have this urge where I’d want to know what their time at Manning’s was like.

     I am therefore proposing an event in the Manning’s Calendar, where Past Students of the school will gather at Manning’s one day in the school year, to actually celebrate Manning’s.

    This day should be a school day, in the middle of the year, so that the students can get to know members of the PSA’s more. I think we have heard a lot about the alumni groups, the student population needs to meet with these individuals.

    Every Manning’s alumni should be a part of it from the oldest to the youngest. We should see persons from the surrounding communities (because I believe most alumni are living in the surrounding communities and parishes), the Kingston Chapter, Western Chapter, New York Chapter, Florida Chapter, Toronto Chapter, UK Chapter, etc.

    The event should be so named ‘Manning’s School Heritage Day’ [or week] if you may.

    The day’s/week’s activities could include displays, similar to what happened at Open Day in January 2013 (when we had the 275th anniversary week of celebration). We could have
                -       success stories typed, printed, laminated and displayed. 

                -      sharing of the experiences the past students had at Manning’s with current students


    • historical events in the school (for example: what I see being shared in the weekly newsletter, the old newspaper clippings of Manning’s @ Champs)


    • presenting the student leaders (Head Boys/Girls. Deputy Head Boys/Girls & Students’ Council Presidents etc.)


    • there are many more ideas that you can include.


    The objective of this event should be to:

    • generate school pride


    • generate increased association memberships


    • ensure the appreciation of the past, embracing of the present and charting of the future at Manning’s


    • foster development of the school


    I do appreciate our teachers who often share their Manning’s moments but you need to encourage them. In order for us to move on we need to integrate the Past and Present so we can impact the future.

    I know that there are anniversary celebrations in August but the school is not involved, this is an opportunity to get students more passionate about the school.

    P.S. Other ideas are welcomed.

    Larey ‘Bishop/Coach’Graham
    Head Boy Manning’s School
    1st VP Manning’s School SPIRIT Committee.


    Official response from started

    The ideas promoted by Larey, it is hoped shall be picked up by all the Alumni Chapters and Groups. The school's administration, we hope, will embrace the Head Boy's ideas and incorporate, in best suited manner, into the School's calendar. Let the discussions begin in the Manning's Community - members' families, school, alumni association and groups and also on our FB page and here on our website's FORUM.

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    Q: What is your website?
    A: N/A

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    Q: Personal statement:
    A: While at Manning’s was member of Junior Cricket and Football teams. Was member of Track and Field team – 1959 – 1962.

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    Need to speak with someone on support for Manning’s?
    A good place to start is your local MPSA Chapter or call 1-844-MPSA-288.
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    I speak for those who made the website a reality and thank all who contributed to the Alumni Gallery. As is the norm, first; We thank the persons and institutions that have now joined the group ‘Friends of Manning’s’ by reason of their contributions.

    Thanks and appreciation go out to the many past students of Manning’s who provided welcomed suggestions and photographs from their archives. Your warm embrace on acceptance of our calls, the effort and actual expenditure of time spent thinking on and acting on what we were attempting has left an indelible impression; your calls presenting assistance are received gratefully.

    To the Chairman of the Manning’s Board of Management – Mr. Osmond Clarke, the Acting Principal – Miss Megan Berry, Secretary – Mrs. Allana Moore heartfelt thanks for the manner in which you received us and the welcoming support you provided.

    This website is testament to an opening to thought on what is possible. It is a mere tiny representation of love for our ‘Dear Manning’s School’ and represents a single step on continuation on the path to future glorious days of Manning’s and our Manning’s community.

    We look forward to stronger all-inclusive bonding of the Manning’s community with corresponding unrelenting inflows of contributions to the website and to the needs and wants of our ‘Dear Manning’s School’.
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    Manning’s has released to us some of her budgets. Manning’s has assured that other parts of the ‘over-arching budget’ shall be shared. Manning’s is doing her part!

    It is now for us to do our part by funding the deficits.

    For detailed sharing – Please visit – http://www.manningssfl.com/manning_s_past_students_association_south_florida_chapter_fundraising

    On drawing your checks to:
    MSPA-South Florida Chapter

    and writing in the ‘Memo’/‘For’:

    Please mail your contributions to:
    Delroy Wallace – Chairman, Fundraising
    MSPA-S.FL Chapter
    P.O. Box 25502, Florida 33320
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    So 1958…

    Please get in touch – …and send on contact information to:

    Jackie: 336 273-8724 or hopemclean@hotmail.com

    Geanine: 416 977-8779 or geanine.sibblies@gmail.com

    Karl: 772 708-8241 or wallo19213@gmail.com

    LeRoy: 954 464-6940 or lebookal@hotmail.com
    We all entered in 1958.

    > Beverley Sirjue

    > Sonia Grant

    > Marjorie Streete

    > Leroy Bookal

    > Roy Curtis

    > Stennett Clarke

    > Pansy Clarke

    > Eccleston Ricketts

    > Copeland McKenzie

    > Nadine Napier

    > Zexia McKenzie

    > Milton Hewling (joined later)

    > Pamela Ottey

    > Mavis Donaldson

    > Earl Blake

    > Merlene Bowen

    > Genevieve Bowen

    > Beverley Thoms


    > Jeanette Gilfillian

    > Geanine Chambers

    > Jacqueline Hamilton

    > Myrna Smith

    > Joan Porteous


    > Myrna Witter

    > Karl Wallace

    > Lowell Dwyer

    > Owen Badaloo

    > Ansel Philp

    > Maurice Leslie

    > Barrington Taylor

    > Clive McCullough

    >Yvonne Williams

    >Yvonne Pessoa (joined later)

    >“Norman Tengo” Williamson

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    >Evon Brown (joined later)

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    On behalf of the Executive Board and members of the Manning's School Past Students' Association, South Florida Chapter, Inc. (MPSA-SF), I welcome you as a member of our Association.

    As you are aware, Manning's has excelled in educating Jamaicans over the past two and three quarter centuries.  Our alma mater, established in 1738, is the second oldest secondary school in Jamaica (second only to Wolmer's, which was established in 1736.), and still continues to lead in the field of education

    MPSA-SF's seven objectives in our By-Laws, essentially require us to maintain fellowship among fellow past students, and to help Manning's financially, and otherwise.  You will receive a copy of our By-Laws via e-mail.

    On June 04, 2014, the MPSA-SF By-Laws were ratified at a General Meeting, and officers were elected.  The officers elected were: Cosmond Vaughan, President; LeRoy Bookal, Vice-President; Cedric Lynch, Secretary; Avis Walker (Thompson), Assistant Secretary;  Zilpha Smith-Williams, Treasurer; Laurette Dunn(Myrie), Assistant Treasurer; Grace Fidler(Wallace), Public Relations Officer.  On June 21, 2014, Delroy Wallace was appointed as Parliamentarian by the Executive Board, on recommendation of the President. On August 09, 2014, Vinette Alexander (Daley) was appointed as Ex-Officio Officer by the Executive Board, on recommendation of the President.

    Our Association is vibrant and exciting, and your presence is an added asset to the Manning's School Past Students Association, South Florida Chapter, Inc. (MPSA-SF.)


    Cosmond Vaughan 

    P.O. Box 25502
    Tamarac Florida 33320, U.S.A.                                                                                                                      

    E-mail: manningssouthflorida@gmail.com
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