The Manning's Head Boy - How to forge a bridge

The Manning's Head Boy, Larey Graham - How to forge a bridge!


Larey Graham 


The Head Boy of Manning’s visited the Manning’s Past Students’ Association, South Florida Chapter’s Facebook account and put his mind to thinking on the role the Manning’s Past Students could play in enhancing the Manning’s experience. 

The Head Boy, who is also 1st Vice-President Manning's School SPIRIT COMMITTEE, shared his thoughts with past students Messrs. Victor Lowe and Roger Walcott.  


Please follow the Head Boy, young Mr. Larey Graham’s, instant expressed thought process as we present his own words.


We look forward to reading your comments on the Head Boys’ suggestions. Your stated endorsements and or other suggestions are welcome.




From: Larey Graham <>
June 19, 2015 at 6:03:14 PM EDT
To: Victor A Lowe <>, Roger Walcott <>
Subject:Manning's School


I saw a post that was made by Mr. Victor Lowe - Where are they now? It had me thinking.

 I have just realized an idea to usher present Manning’s School students into the Associations when they leave. This could also ensure growth in membership of the various associations.

When I see the names of Manning’s Past Students I am thrilled, because I have this urge where I’d want to know what their time at Manning’s was like.

 I am therefore proposing an event in the Manning’s Calendar, where Past Students of the school will gather at Manning’s one day in the school year, to actually celebrate Manning’s.

This day should be a school day, in the middle of the year, so that the students can get to know members of the PSA’s more. I think we have heard a lot about the alumni groups, the student population needs to meet with these individuals.

Every Manning’s alumni should be a part of it from the oldest to the youngest. We should see persons from the surrounding communities (because I believe most alumni are living in the surrounding communities and parishes), the Kingston Chapter, Western Chapter, New York Chapter, Florida Chapter, Toronto Chapter, UK Chapter, etc.

The event should be so named ‘Manning’s School Heritage Day’ [or week] if you may.

The day’s/week’s activities could include displays, similar to what happened at Open Day in January 2013 (when we had the 275th anniversary week of celebration). We could have
            -       success stories typed, printed, laminated and displayed. 

            -      sharing of the experiences the past students had at Manning’s with current students


  • historical events in the school (for example: what I see being shared in the weekly newsletter, the old newspaper clippings of Manning’s @ Champs)


  • presenting the student leaders (Head Boys/Girls. Deputy Head Boys/Girls & Students’ Council Presidents etc.)


  • there are many more ideas that you can include.


The objective of this event should be to:

  • generate school pride


  • generate increased association memberships


  • ensure the appreciation of the past, embracing of the present and charting of the future at Manning’s


  • foster development of the school


I do appreciate our teachers who often share their Manning’s moments but you need to encourage them. In order for us to move on we need to integrate the Past and Present so we can impact the future.

I know that there are anniversary celebrations in August but the school is not involved, this is an opportunity to get students more passionate about the school.

P.S. Other ideas are welcomed.

Larey ‘Bishop/Coach’Graham
Head Boy Manning’s School
1st VP Manning’s School SPIRIT Committee.


Official response from started

The ideas promoted by Larey, it is hoped shall be picked up by all the Alumni Chapters and Groups. The school's administration, we hope, will embrace the Head Boy's ideas and incorporate, in best suited manner, into the School's calendar. Let the discussions begin in the Manning's Community - members' families, school, alumni association and groups and also on our FB page and here on our website's FORUM.

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