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Our target is J$20,000,000.00 (that is, approximately U$ 170,000.00) by December 31, 2016.










09 February 2016




M - 365 



THE ORGANIZATION: Manning’s School, located in Savanna-La-Mar, the principal town of the Parish of Westmoreland in western Jamaica is the second oldest secondary high school in the island. The school has been in continuous existence since the bequest of the Westmoreland planter, Thomas Manning, founded it for "poor whites" in 1738. It is now a public co-educational high school.

In spite of its rural setting, aging and under-maintained buildings; the school is rated among those that are nationally distinguished by continued scholarship and co-curricular prowess. The graduating students are sought after and continue to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies at acclaimed colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Wesleyan, Howard and Columbia in the USA; Cambridge and London School of Economics in England; and Jamaica’s own esteemed University of the West Indies and University of Technology.

CURRICULUM: The school’s curriculum comprises Science, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Technical/Vocational and Business courses.

• Grades 7-9: Course content originates with the Ministry of Education, with appropriate modification by the school

• Grades 10-11: Adheres to the Caribbean Secondary Education Council CSEC/CXC) syllabuses

• Grades 12-13: Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) courses. All examinations at grades 10-13 are administered by external bodies

• Other exams: GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels ('O' and 'A' Levels)

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Our students participate and excel in a wide range of activities, some of which are highlighted below:

• Cadets - participation provides exposure to rudiments of military training. The school ranked second nationwide in the annual assessment of high schools.

• Spanish Club - the school consistently ranks among the top in the annual United Nations Assembly contest.

• Math Club - provides support for low performers.

• I.S.C.F - Inter School Christian Fellowship, supports spiritual growth and development.

• Girl Guides - the largest and highest performing unit in the Parish.

• Debating Society – winners of the 2005 National Co-operative Credit Union League contest.

• LEO Club, Key Club, Interact Club - junior service organizations.

• Cheerleading Club – winners of the 2013 National contest and also represented the school internationally.

• Chess Club - Jamaica Open Chess Champion 2002, male and female teams won top performers.

SPORTS: In recent years, the school has had tremendous success in developing a cadre of past students who individually, have represented Jamaica at the Olympic and World Championship levels in track and field.

• Three-time National winners of the Girls Championships in track and field

• Currently enrolled students have been selected to the U-17 National Football Team

• Basketball - MVP 2009

• Netball - National rural championship 2006

• Football/Soccer -Regional semifinalist 2005 & 2012


• Student population: 1726

• Board of Management: 20

• Teachers: 96

• Administrative and Auxiliary staff: 42

• Population of Westmoreland: 144,075

• Population of Savanna-La-Mar: 22,633

• Principal: Steve Gordon, Email:, Tel: 876-955-2634

• Project Manager: Victor Lowe, Email: Tel: 404-915-5957

• Postal Address: Beckford St, Savanna-La-Mar, Jamaica

• Tel: 876-955-2634/876-955-2835

• Registration Status: Yes

• Organization type: Co-Educational Secondary Institution (High School)

• Years in operation: 276


An Agriculture Green House project, implemented in 2011 which in addition to providing a teaching facility for the students, also supports the school's mandate of being a responsible steward of the environment, providing community leadership and contributing to the advancement of environmental and economic sustainability.


• Digicel Foundation: In partnership with The Food for the Poor Organization, the school was granted One Million dollars (JA$1,000,000.00) from The Digicel Foundation. These funds have been earmarked for the development of the school farm; more specifically to the restoration (wind damage) and expansion of the Green House. 

• Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ): An award of five hundred thousand dollars (JA$500,000.00) for the establishment of a Green House Agriculture Project. This 2011 project supports the school's mandate to provide community leadership in advancing environmental and economic sustainability.

• CHASE Fund: The Thomas Manning Building on the school’s campus remains one of the preeminent designated heritage sites in western Jamaica. Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the building is a required necessity given the delicate nature of its wooden structure. In 2004, the school partnered with the CHASE Fund for the restoration of the roof of this structure. An amount of Four Million dollars (JA$4,000,000.00) was granted for this project.


September 2014



Manning’s School – Who we are, where we are and how we got here.  

Manning’s School has maintained its stature as a stellar co-educational institution, distinguishing itself among the top echelon of high schools in Jamaica for an unrivaled 276 years.  The schools’ contribution to the development of the Parish of Westmoreland as well as to nation building on a whole is indisputable.      

 Presently, the school’s student population is just above 1700 and is supported by a teaching staff complement of approximately 100, along with an equally hard working and dedicated administrative and ancillary staff.

 The academic performance of Manning’s students at CSEC and CAPE has resulted in the school ranking among the top 10 high schools in Jamaica, while achieving number one position within certain subject areas. This strong academic showing is supported by vibrant co-curricular programs, with the sports department being particularly successful in the development of world class champion athletes.

 Given its outstanding achievements, the growth of Manning’s School has been a natural occurrence which had not necessarily been pre-planned. Consequently, most of the physical infrastructure and other supporting resources have been strained and risk the probability of capitulating under consistently increasing demands. This will have a detrimental impact on the future advancement of the school and as such a long term plan for CAPITAL FUNDING to support its future growth must therefore be engaged.

 Manning’s Schools’ very existence is from a gift conferred.  Indeed, it is a remarkable gift which keeps on giving, as all those who have entered through its gates become beneficiaries.  With this gift also comes the formidable responsibility of giving back, in order to ensure that many others will also be able to benefit from its existence as the vision of Thomas Manning is kept alive.  

History is made every day and we want to be part of it.

Fellow Alumni, Friends and associates,

 The Manning's 365 Capital Fund, is the first worldwide initiative embarked on, to secure funds for major capital projects at school.  

Major Projects:

# Buildings Restoration and maintenance.  

# Energy conservation and renewables.

# Physical plant expansion. 

# Transportation initiatives.

# New wrath iron/concrete pillar front wall 

# Renovation and expansion of canteen facilities. 

Objective: is to raise US $1 million for major projects. 

Strategy:  MPSA Chapters, individuals, supporters, associated organizations  will as a team secure contributions. 

  • Each contributor provides US $365 and will engage   two associates to do likewise. 
  • We need 2740 contributors to satisfy the goal. 
  • A tax deductible benefit may be available. You should consult your tax adviser or the relevant department of government in your jurisdiction to determine whether your contribution is deductible.
  • A Commemorative Manning's 365 T Shirt is available. 


Selected members of the school board, Principal, and Chapter Representatives. Eventually the initiative will merge with the Manning's Foundation as the Primary vehicle for its fundraising. 




Manning’s 365The Initiative What is it and where it will take us.  

Manning’s 365 presents an ideal opportunity for all members of the Manning’s School family to become part of a tremendous undertaking in a program which is designed to re-invigorate and re-new the “spirit of giving” which addresses the school’s very existence. 

Manning’s 365 is germinated with the thought that those opportunities and experiences that have been imparted and shared by all past and current students, staff and well-wishers, are worth at least US $1.00 per day. 

Although participation is voluntary, we encourage the thought that this be treated by all as obligatory. 

The initiative’s objective will help to ensure Manning’s sustainability for another 275 years. 

Manning’s 365 appeals to a grand community and demands commitment for its success. The project is to elicit a brick of commitment in building a foundation that will stand the test of time. 

Let us recognize and reward the source of our educational and social preparation.  

Manning's 365 appreciates the magnitude of financial resources needed to meet the many challenges. We ask each person to contribute a dollar US per day cumulated either monthly or annually and further requests that individual reaches out to two other persons who are so minded. This provides the links in the chain that will achieve the initial goal of US $ 1 MILLION and continued growth. The funds are held in a Foreign Exchange (FX) account in Jamaica to maintain stability. Everyone can participate. All that is required is your commitment to Manning’s School and US$1.00 per day; more if possible, which will meet the objective of mobilizing a capital fund.

A recommendation is for the present student population to be engaged early to prepare them for their responsibilities as alumni.  To this end, Junior Manning’s 365 has been established. Participants will contribute J$365.00 for at least one term of the school year, to engender the spirit of giving back. 

We are all partners in this splendid endeavor and if there are suggestions to enhance the program , please be motivated to contact Victor Lowe, Alumnus and Board Member at 404-915-5957 or; or the team leader in each MPSA Chapter and support organization. 


Junior Manning's-365 Fundraising Project 

This phase of the Manning’s 365 Project, is designed to encourage the student population to be fully involved with the "giving back" principle, which is the foundation upon which the school is created. 

The proposal is that each class will form two teams to raise a minimum of J$365.00 per student during the school term. The winning teams will be determined by the total amount of funds raised and will be the recipient of worthy prizes.  Additionally, all team members who achieve their minimum target will be given a special commemorative T-shirt to wear proudly.  (Minimum target of 2x$365) 

To qualify for the grand prize, all members of the team must participate.

Each Team will choose a Captain and Co-captain (male and female) who will have responsibility for keeping track of collections and motivating their team to top performance.

Ongoing results for each team will be updated and posted on a weekly basis.

In the spirit of lively but fair competition, it is expected that each team member will be directly involved in fund raising activities on behalf of their respective teams.  Any concerns as to questionable behavior on the part of participants will result in immediate disqualification. 

The school’s administration has been asked to allow leading team members to wear their commemorative T-shirts on each Friday or one Friday per month (a la Dockers/Jeans day). 

This will be a ground-breaking endeavor for the school population that will be documented in a comprehensive program and highlighted alongside the efforts of those alums who are giving back to our noble institution.

Plans are being made to specially recognize all participants in an annual event. 

History is made every day and we want you to be part of it. 

Victor A. Lowe
Project Developer/Member of the School Board of Management

02 March 2015



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