MPSA Benefit Performance of the Basil Dawkins' Play

emblemEmbossSmall.gifManning's School Past Students' Association Benefit Performance of the Basil Dawkins' Play, "Guilt Trip" will take place on Sunday, 2016 February 14, at the Little Little Theatre, commencing at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are being sold at a cost of $1,500.00 each.


Below, please see excerpt from Basil Dawkins: 

"GUILT TRIP" is written by Basil Dawkins, directed by Douglas Prout and stars Oliver Samuels supported by Ruth Ho Shing and Dennis Titus.

"GUILT TRIP is a comedy drama which peeks into the life of a woman who, out of fear and expedience did something many years ago, which continuously haunts her and negatively impacts the lives of all those associated with her. Matters have gotten so bad and truths kept hidden for so long that they seem unable to be resolved without reeking more pain and anguish to all concerned. Yet, time is on no ones side, and it is in the attempt to avoid the  consequences by confronting the truth which continues to reek more havoc caused by the actions of further delaying what seem more inevitable and ghastly with each passing day."

We encourage persons to book and purchase tickets from the Association members in Kingston. For further details on both events, please do not hesitate to contact me at 399-4146.

Kind regards. 

Pricilla Chambers

February 14, 2016 at 5pm - 8pm
Little Theatre
4 Tom Redcam Ave
Google map and directions
Pricilla Chambers · · 876 399-4146

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