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On behalf of the Executive Board and members of the Manning's School Past Students' Association, South Florida Chapter, Inc. (MPSA-SF), I welcome you as a member of our Association.

As you are aware, Manning's has excelled in educating Jamaicans over the past two and three quarter centuries.  Our alma mater, established in 1738, is the second oldest secondary school in Jamaica (second only to Wolmer's, which was established in 1736.), and still continues to lead in the field of education

MPSA-SF's seven objectives in our By-Laws, essentially require us to maintain fellowship among fellow past students, and to help Manning's financially, and otherwise.  You will receive a copy of our By-Laws via e-mail.

On June 04, 2014, the MPSA-SF By-Laws were ratified at a General Meeting, and officers were elected.  The officers elected were: Cosmond Vaughan, President; LeRoy Bookal, Vice-President; Cedric Lynch, Secretary; Avis Walker (Thompson), Assistant Secretary;  Zilpha Smith-Williams, Treasurer; Laurette Dunn(Myrie), Assistant Treasurer; Grace Fidler(Wallace), Public Relations Officer.  On August 09, 2014, Vinette Alexander (Daley) was appointed as Ex-Officio Officer by the Executive Board, on recommendation of the President.

Our Association is vibrant and exciting, and your presence is an added asset to the Manning's School Past Students Association, South Florida Chapter, Inc. (MPSA-SF.)


Cosmond Vaughan 

P.O. Box 25502
Tamarac Florida 33320, U.S.A.                                                                                                                      

Telephone: 1-844-MPSA-288
Fax: 1-844-MPSA -650


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