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Year 2016 

The FUNDS FOR MANNING'S effort is historic!
It signifies an entirely new approach to the provision of SUPPORT FOR MANNING'S.
That new thinking and approach is focused and embodied in an attempt to year over succeeding year raise sufficient funds to close Manning’s Budget Deficit.

We are all TOGETHER into providing assistance to Manning's!
Manning's is the focus!

This new initiative was launched on 09 February 2016.


Since that launch, funds were sent to Manning's on the Headmaster Steve Gordon's ask. That amount was U$2,500.00 (=J$302,500.00 at a conversion rate of U$1.00 = J$121.00).
That money goes to support the School's participation in the early rounds of the 2016 School's Challenge Quiz. If the School advances further, we shall provide additional funds.

See: Headmaster Steve Gordon's and Quiz Master Flemoi Gordon's budget under 
- Manning's School Quiz Team
on our website at:

The funds were sent on Thursday, February 18, 2016, by Courier.

On receipt of the funds The Headmaster of Manning's responded as follows:


February 23, 2016
Mr. Cosmond Vaughn
Manning's Past Students Association
South Florida Chapter Inc.
Dear Mr. Vaughn:
The Principal and the Manning's Quiz Committee would like to extend profound appreciation to you and the members of the Past Students' South Florida Chapter Association for recent the donation made to the Team.
We have received a cheque #116 in the amount of United States Two Thousand Five Hundred (US$2,500) Dollars for the Quiz Team.
The Team played their first match against Montego Bay High School for Girls and won 36 - 16. Our next match will be against Camperdown High School on February 29, 2016.
We are very grateful for this contribution and certainly looking forward for your continued support.
Yours truly,
Steve Gordon

Please make your contribution to:

MPSA-S.Florida Chapter Inc.
c/o Delroy Wallace
PO Box 25502
Tamarac, Florida 33320

Checks/Cheques should be written to:

MPSA-S.Florida Chapter
Please write in ‘For’/’MEMO’ - FUNDS for MANNING'S

If you need additional information or have a question please contact:


Delroy Wallace – Chairman, Fundraising

MPSA – S.FL Chapter

P.O. Box 25502

Tamarac, Florida 33320





Track and Field


Subject: Track & Field Team
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 17:53:32 +0000 (UTC)
From: Thomas Mannings <>
Reply-To: Thomas Mannings <>

 Manning's School will be participating in the upcoming Boys and Girls championships from March 15 to 19, 2016. 


The school has received a quotation from Altamont Court Hotel for a costing of Five Hundred and Seventy Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars Thirteen Cents.

Meals are estimated to cost $180,000

Transportation is estimated to cost $200,000

Giving an approximate total of $958,850.13

We are kindly asking the association for financial assistance towards the track and Field team.

Thank you.


Steve Gordon





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