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The raising of funds for Manning’s has been an ongoing activity from the inception of the original thought on the creation of the school. Those early efforts and those that followed were invaluable. However in today’s world, the ever increasing demands of providing education to students that must continuously remain relevant forces the school to change and adapt to each advancing decade. The reality that Manning’s faces requires sufficiency on inflows of funds to enable the school to remain relevant now and in the future. 

Our formal Alumni Associations and Groups have been at the task of raising funds and providing other support for Manning’s for over 25 years. To be blunt, the needs of Manning’s have overtaken the past models of fund-raising and the level of support in other areas. The proof is in observations of numbers of programs, condition of Manning’s physical plant, budget size and allocation of funding.       

One component of Manning’s greatest assets is the past students, their associations and groups. It is to those past students, associations and groups that Manning’s depend to provide the vital additional financial support that the Government of Jamaica cannot. Arriving out of consultations with our stakeholders, a fundraising approach has been instituted such that the current fundraising effort is being addressed in a renewed sustained manner.

Fundraising - Summary of Targeted Goal and Framework within which it is being attempted.


  • Targeted Goal = Close our school’s Budget Deficit each year forward

  • Bring all parties within the Manning’s Community to work on and towards the targeted goal of closing the school’s Budget Deficit


Actual *annual individual gifting by contributors:

Targeted - High mark: Above United States $1000.00 or its equivalent in Jamaica dollars; Low mark: United States $20.00 or its equivalent in Jamaica dollars.


*EACH CONTRIBUTOR GIFTS donated funds (= DONOR FUNDS) ONCE PER YEAR either as one-time contribution or breaks down an amount pledged into multiple contributions.


  • Framework:

  1. Manning’s Past Students’ Associations and Groups contributions, Manning’s Past Students - individual Alumna and Alumnus inflow of contributions, Corporations Matching Funds, Other DONOR FUNDS;

  2. Authentic Manning’s Budgets Deficits presented along with REQUESTS FOR FUNDING to MPSA-S.FL Chapter;  

  3. MPSA-S.FL Chapter’s approves Manning’s School requests for funding;

  4. MPSA-S.FL Chapter satisfies Manning’s School REQUESTS FOR FUNDING as available from the DONOR FUNDS.

Source of SUMMARY:

Manning’s Past Students’ Association, South Florida Chapter - Fundraising - http://www.manningssfl.com/manning_s_past_students_association_south_florida_chapter_fundraising


- http://www.manningssfl.com/ways_to_give


Each Manning’s Alumni Association and Group, individual alumna and alumnus and well-wisher of Manning’s is asked to contribute generously.




April 2015


A path forward!

It is noticeable that there is keen interest by Alumni Members to contribute to the development of Manning's. However, while there is no lack of enthusiasm, there appears to be a lack of clear direction and cooperation amongst us. In most instances the singular objective is to raise money and find a medium to pass on the funds raised to assist in the various projects for the school.

This on the face of it is worthwhile, but if there is a larger view to the setting up of a master umbrella into which all monies are pooled, as in a CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT FUND and from which disbursements are made to facilitate the projects, then the benefits to Manning's, and the efforts of all Alumni Chapters would grow at a faster rate.

If one were to attempt to raise funds project by project, it could prove to be a very difficult exercise and with less than satisfactory results. Many well wishers and contributors would rather see a more organized way of giving rather than one of continually being asked to contribute on a project by project basis, with often different management and control of those funds.

One way of streamlining in a more productive way is the setting up of a controlling disbursement authority, legally structured with a view for longevity and transparency into which all chapters send funds. Perhaps the formation of a Limited Liability Company under the Laws of Jamaica, with a Board of Directors that review and decide on apportionments could be set up to this end. Any Board set up could be done with representational order from the various Alumni Chapters. It would be the responsibility of this Board (and Board Members need not be residents locally) to operate with independence from the Trustees and Board of Manning's as to approving funds for any project. That is to say this separate and apart entity will decide on the necessity and viability of any project if funds are to be disbursed from this fund to that end.

If a central system such as this is set up, then the next logical step would be to appoint a Fund Raising Chairman with local and International clout who coordinates with all chapters and seek to raise large sums of money. In some successful operations a Fund Raising Chairman is a paid individual with the ability to  successfully solicit money from, Governments, Quasi-Governments, Philanthropists, Corporate connections and wealthy individuals (Alumni and others).

Of course this will allow the various chapters to concentrate on what they do best in their local area . All Chapters would share membership information, project information, and linkages where appropriate so as to bring global transparency, the lessening of duplication and frustration in achieving the ultimate goal of improving Manning's.

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